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Preparation to design an indoor garden

  1. Choose a best place for your garden. An outstanding indoor garden creation depends much on its place. Space selection is very important for nutrition” supplier for plants. A sunny area near window where is always full of sunshine and warmth. The best places are east and west facing windows. However, some note involving heat and sunlight standard you need to know when placing your garden:
  • Do not put your plant where temperature is too cold like an attic or garage. Cold slow down growth of plants in your garden or even kill them whereas warmth can stimulate their development.
  • Do not grow your plants so close to air vents and fan that might dry your trees out and damage them by creating water drainage.
  1. After choosing the right place for your garden, depending on characteristics and natural features of this area, choose a suitable type and style of your garden. There are two popular styles of indoor garden: container gardening and hydroponic or aquaponic one. The container gardening is using a series of planters or container to plant trees and flowers in soil in traditional gardening method. Hydoponic gardening is a modern gardening method that plants are arranged vertically in non-soil starter and nurtured by fertilized water.

  1. Take control of the environment. An outstanding advantage of planting indoor is that you totally can control “the weather” though it requires a lot of techniques and work to do. However, the result you get will be a great payback for all of your effort. Air temperature, water regularity and land condition are three main things you can take control and they are the most important things affecting on growth of your plants. You can vary them by special materials, machine and equipment like air conditioner, artificial water system and fertilizer.


  1. Next, select a lighting system. You can choose using either natural lighting system or artificial one. Natural lighting system is recommend by designer because it provides more essential nutrition such as vitamin D for plants and save energy as well as money for garden owner. Using this system also is friendly to the environment. However, while using natural lighting system, you still need support of artificial one. For instance, in winter, the natural sunlight is not enough for plants, you have to add some more light by using yellow lighter. This enhances temperature level in your garden.

5.Pick plants for your garden. There is a wide range of plants for you to choose. You can choose suitable trees or flowers basing on aspects such as your hobbies, house design, garden shape and so on. However, do not just pick up too randomly, you should choose which appropriate for your favor and garden features. Avoid picking trees that have contrast characteristics in the same garden.

Last but not least, imagine how you will arrange plants in your garden then design them on paper. Learn about each tree and flower nutrition demand to have best placement.