Outdoor activities are always appreciated and encouraged, especially camping. Nowadays, a lot of researches show that camping is considered to be the most favored by both children and adults all over the world. Thanks to camping skills and tips for choosing the best camping tents people hardly have any difficulties during their camping trips. Today, we will give you explanation the trend of camping nowadays.

     1. History of camping

In the years 1970s and 1980s, going camping meant that people had to arrange their packages, make fire and cook in poor conditions on the grounds that the technology had not developed yet and there was no modern device or machine to support them. However, such days gave people chances to get together with traditional activities and games which were able to arouse love of campers for each other. Furthermore, they stood an opportunity to enjoy the merry campfire at night. They danced and sang a lot and performed so well. Continue reading “CAMPING – THE MOST FAVORED ACTIVITY IN THE WORLD”